This is what they have to say……..

Having had time to reflect on our recent holiday in northern India it is a pleasure to put a few thoughts in writing regarding how well Mr Lawania organized arrangements for us.

From the moment we landed in Dehli where we were met personally by Harish everything was expertly managed be it the hotels, drivers, guides, tours, restaurant suggestions or whatever.  India’s golden triangle is a fascinating part of the world with much to see and experience and, given our limited time frame, it was piece of mind to know that all arrangements were in place and we could concentrate on being tourists.  The hotels booked by Lawania met our expectations, the drivers were friendly, considerate and responsive and their cars clean, air conditioned and well driven.  The program for each day was well arranged with some flexibility and the guides having spent years living in their particular location were all very knowledgeable and one in particular was first class.

All in all we had a great time and if we travel to India again, which is a distinct possibility we will have no hesitation in engaging your services Harish.  We can highly recommend your company to any prospective tourist and thank you for assisting us to have a great holiday in a wonderful country.

Alison & Andrew Dalziel, Melbourne, Australia, November 2015.


Dear Harish

What a wonderful holiday we had!  Everything went so smoothly with your

people there at airports to meet us and help us through.  All

accommodation went well too with absolutely no hitches.  Our favourite

accommodation was Spice Village with Leela Kovalam coming in very

close.  Our driver was wonderful – always there to greet us in the

morning and take us on our way.  He was a very good defensive driver,

never speeding, always being cautious and we never felt nervous on the

roads.  Our car was clean and comfortable.  I would recommend your

company to anyone here in Australia.

Best regards

Desley and Jeff


Dr. Mr. Harish, 

This is to inform you we have safely arrived home after a rather bumpy flight due to bad weather. 

We wish to send you a big THANK YOU

Our trip with you was absolutely fantastic and well orchestrated, the program 

exceeded our expectations and the service was superb. 

It was also very reassuring to know you kept a close eye on every aspect of our tour. 

Thank You yet again, 

Hope to see you next time in India. 

Gal & Nurit Avishai


Dear Harish,

Many thanks for organizing a wonderful trip. All the arrangements were great. We liked both the drivers and always felt safe in their hands. We have hundreds of pictures that will remind us of the terrific sights we were able to see over our three week vacation.

Thanks again,


Carol and Juan


Dear Mr Harris

I and my wife visited in your 10 days Golden triangel tour in January. Wonrerfull time. Thank you. The tour was well organized with good service in every place, hotels were good. Regards to our dear driver Razendera. We miss Delhi, Mandawa, Jaipur, Pharatpur the original small Indian  village and Agra.

We will recommend your exilent service

best regards

Taisto and Pipsa Inervo



Dear Harish,

    I finally have my feet on the ground and my head does not feel that it is in the clouds.  Sleeping ofcourse is still a problem and I cannot tell you why.  Marc spent the last two days in bed–napping and dozing and watching TV.  He wanted to be sure that he was back to “civilization”!!!!!  The Americans are so used to have TV and other electronic devices that I believe that they have “withdrawals” when they are not there.  Apart from this he had a glorious time and has talked non-stop about the trip to whom ever will listen. 

    As for the trip—what can I say?  It was beyond my dreams!!!!  I am well aware that the tiger is an extremely elusive animal but seeing 20 tigers in 8-9 days is absolutely without a shadow of doubt is our good fortune.  While up in Bandhavgarh we went up to the fort and I performed a pooja at the temple and Marc, Billy and Barbara believe that this was what did it.  What ever it did it is our luck and was to be so.  Let me describe the trip in detail and if you get bored and or nauseated you can stop where ever you want.

    Kanha—Saw three tigers on the elephants (only) and one while in the jeep.  Lots of other wild life—was informed that the sloth bear sightings are rare and guess what we saw three the first day and three more on the subsequent days.  Billy finally stated that the sloth bear (as far as he was concerned) were dime(dime is equivalent to 10 pisa) a dozen and we tend to go along with him.  Saw Gaur in herds of 5-6 and they are as ferocious as they are talked about.  They do put “fear” into one when you see them.  Saw all the deer—Cheetal, Sambar and barking deer.  Lots of beautiful birds including some of the rare birds that are (s per the guide) which are rare sightings again.  The last evening put the icing on the cake—a peacock dance that I have on video!!!  All of us thought that what ever we see in Bandhavgarh will on be the dessert.

    Bandhavgarh—I saw 15 tigers but the others saw only 14.  There were two cubs (20 months or so) together and I had the good luck of seeing both through my camera.  Unfortunately the cub in the front was standing up and obscured the other cub which tended to lie down most of the time.  All tigers in Bandhavgarh were in the jeep only—no “tiger shows”  Saw two tigers in the river, two brothers who were about 20 months old hunting together and they “almost” got the cheetal!  It was amazing to watch them in action since it was around 7.30 or 8.00 AM.  We saw tigers (it appears) every time we turned the corner.  The ultimate experience was seeing B2, the dominant male tiger all by ourselves.  Could not understand why, but come to think of it the others were watching a tiger across the river which we watched for about an hour.  Our guide then suggested that we go look for more and there he was in all his glory.  Was about 75 to 80 feet from us.  About 30-45 minutes later he got up and decided to cross behind the jeep to the opposite side and this was a little bit un-nerving.  The guide had the driver start the jeep and in gear in case we had to make a hasty exit.  B2 on the other hand just wanted us to see his glorious body–he locked eyes while crossing, went to the opposite side laid down and did not even look at us again.  We must have watched him for atleat one to one and half hours—with no other jeeps around us!  Saw lots of birds including the Malabar horn billed which is again rare. These birds we saw at the fort and where “Charan Ganga” takes her origin.  This was an absolute wonderful side trip.  Initially the others did not want to go, but I had this “tug” to go there and I told the others that I would go even if they did not want to–well Barbara also wanted to go but did not voice her wish, but when we returned Marc and Billy could not stop talking about it.  More tigers and birds.

    Jaipur and Khajuraho were worth the trip since I had never seen Khajuraho and Jaipur was when I was 14 or 15.  I wanted to see the dance festival in Khajuraho but did not do so since it began at 9.00 PM and by this time we were tired.  Getting up at 4.00 and 4.30 and going to bed at 11.00 or so does put a toll on one’s body.

    Corbett—–Was great also.  Saw one tiger and a herd of elephants.  By this time I was exhausted since I had been “partying” since I got to India on Jan 16.  Seeing family etc. was great Unfortunately one my aunts passed away the night before I got to Hyderabad and that was sad.  I really wanted to see her very much and supposedly she spoke a lot about me and was looking forward to seeing me.  The last I visited India, I spent a lot of time with her and supposedly she was reminiscing about it.  The only good that came of her untimely death was that I saw people in Hyderabad that I would not have had a chance to meet.

    As for the accommodations, they were much better than expected.  Since it is a jungle safari, we expected what we had in Chitwan!  Both the Mogli’s were great and the care that we received was beyond comparison.  The food was okay, after all they have to depend on supplies coming from 60-70 Km. away.  Corbett’s accommodations were the best and we were informed that we would have to spend a night in —–(forgot the name) Marc and decided to fore go going inside.  Tiger Tents is a fabulous place and the food was excellent.  It was full and therefore we did not get the “individual” care we got at Moglis.  We knew all of them by name at Moglis!!!!!!

    The guides we got were excellent.  We made sure we had the same guide for all the days we were at each park.  We enjoyed this very much and I believe they did too since they commented more than once as to how much they enjoyed being our guide.  They were happy that we wanted to see all the wild life and not just tigers!!!Our understanding is that a large number of people go there only to see tigers and if there is not sighting, they get very upset with the guide.  I cannot believe that they do not know about the “tiger”!!!!!  My understanding is that the guides are on a number system, but by paying RS.250.00 we were to secure the guide of our choice.  The only draw back was that they did not speak English very well, but I was able to translate very well to the others—my Hindi improved tremendously with in the two weeks before they got there.  The first few days were a disaster since I was speaking Hindi and Spanish.  Now that I have returned, I will have to start speaking more Spanish!  Since El Paso is a border town for the country of Mexico, we have a lot of Spanish immigrants (both legal and ill-legal) and since patients also speak Spanish, it is a necessity that we speak Spanish!!!

    Well this is a lengthy description of our trip and I cannot thank you enough for putting it together.  I do not know what magic you used in making the “Sherkhan” show himself/herself to so us!  Thanks again and look forward to giving your name to any one who is interested in going to India.  On a side note, I cannot believe that I will be going back to India on May 30, to attend my niece’s wedding in Bangalore which is on June 7.  I am sure Delhi will be hotter than fire, but it will be only for a short time before I leave for Bangalore which should be pleasant.  If there is any thing I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask.

With Regards




I wanted to thank you for planning the wonderfull trip in India for us. The vacation far exceeded our expectations. Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed every aspect of the trip. We truly feel that we got to see a little slice of India from the train stations to the National Parks. Both Mogli Resorts took very good care of us. Our drivers were excellent and our tour guides were articulate and interesting. Billy and I were so happy that you talked us into visiting the Taj Majal and Agra. Thank you once again for making sure that every detail was perfect. If we did the trip again, we would not change a thing. I will be sure to recommend you to any of our friends who might wish to visit India.

Thank you again

Billy and Barbara Crews


Dear Harish,

now we are back from India and we would both like to thank you and your team for the excellent service. Everything was perfect organized and we enjoyed the trip.

Our driver has done a very good job. We couldn’t imagine how difficult it is to drive in India, but he managed it quite well. All the travel guides were good and well informed about the different places.

If we ever will travel to India, you are our first choice.

With best regards

Christine & Dietmar Grumbach


Hi Harish,
Just wanted to thank you again for a great trip! I will recommend you to all my expat  friends at work. Everything was wonderful, especially the local guides and of course, Sheeshram, our driver.

All the best,
Karen Waggoner


Hi Harish,
                    many thanks again for organising a great trip for us.
Everything went well and the driver was excellent. I will recommend your
company to who travels to India.
Many thanks
Michael Martin
Dublin 18
Dear Mr. Harish,
We would like to express many thanks for a very well organized round trip in
Rajasthan, Jaipur – Jodpur – Udaphur back to Delhi, which you arranged for
us .
The hotels and all other  arrangements, guides etc were to our full
satisfaction.  We were also very pleased that you in so short time could
organize a bigger car for us.
A special thanks to the driver Shessh Ram for his careful driving and the
assistance he as well as  your staff, including yourself, showed in
connection with the injury Mrs Dahl suffered while we were in Jaipur.
We hope that we another time will have the opportunity to return to India
and explore more of your interesting country.
Best regards

Arne Sörstedt and   Sonia Dahl


Dear Mr. Harish,

We want to thank you so much for all the work you did and the arrangements you made to make our trip to India a trip of a lifetime.  We will heartily recommend you to anyone who is considering a visit to your fascinating country.  We found that throughout our travels that your name and your company is well respected and you certainly have earned the same respect from us.  Please feel free to use us as references.

We especially want to tell you how great our driver and his helper were.  Naresh and Ajit were wonderful to us throughout our time together.  Naresh’s driving was absolutely superb under many difficult circumstances.  We felt that both Naresh and Ajit were concerned about our safety and welfare and took extraordinarily good care of us.  They both seem to be warm, caring human beings as well as being very good at their jobs.

Thank you for helping us with some difficult trouble spots during our trip, none of which were your fault, and all of which you were helpful in resolving. 

Thank you again for everything.

Tom and Marie Grant


Hi Harish,
I just want to say thanks for taking care of all the arrangements
during Cristo and my trip. It was an awesome experience especially the
Taj Mahal.

I hope to see you again another time.

Viet  – USA


Thankyou Harish

Yes, unfortunately I am now back at work and the memories of India are indeed haunting.

Thankyou for the service that was provided by your company during our travels. In particular the service at Varanasi was wonderful. The guide was of the highest standard and the agent stayed with us until after midnight to ensure we made it onto the train and that we were in our designated seats.

Unfortunately I can’t see myself returning next year, but possibly in another few years I will come back and I will be sure to keep your details.

Thankyou again,



Dear Harish,

I want to inform you that the trip was great. Everything was absolutely perfecly organized.

I want to underline that the driver who spent with us the travel was a great person and his behaviour was the most dear, respectful and nice we could expect. Also his ability as driver was great.

We were really satisfied and we hope to organize a new trip with you the next year.

 My best greetings

Paola Marcheggiani

Dear Harish

We would like to thank you very much for organising an excellent trip.  We enjoyed it very much and hope we can visit India again soon. 



Shabinah Ossman 

Programme Assistant

Commonwealth Foundation

Marlborough House

Pall Mall

London SW1Y 5HY United Kingdom