India is by excellence land of mysteries and traditions, it is the oldest in the world and the heaviest in history. To discover it, you need to forget about your certainties and not judgmental.
But if you scan prejudices and stereotypes rooted in the conscience of the world, India will amaze and shock you. It will amaze you with its vastness and diversity. Vibrant and contrast, you will rub the luxury extreme grandiose Palace and simple houses Pisa, the colors of saris and dirt paths, fragrant scents of spices or those of trash, the sound of the flute, the cry of the Peacock and the sounds of horns. With its 29 states and 22 official languages, palaces, temples, thousands of deities, its sacred cows and fakirs, its landscapes and its wildlife, its people so welcoming and yet so mysterious, the splendor of  India will surprise you, you sometimes frighten her misery.

Mother India will not let you indifferent and will fascinate you.

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